Larry Cirigliano presents vivid and expressive paintings
reflecting his optimistic outlook of the world around him.
Born in Westchester New York, the son of Italian immigrants
Larry began painting at the age of 9 under the influence of
his family who, encouraged him .He won his first art contest at
the age of 10. He started out painting in oils but switched to
acrylics because they offered a greater purity and clarity of
color essential to the expression of his personal vision. His
paintings are inspired by his imagination and the seaside
towns, landscapes of Italy where he spends many summers
visiting family and friends. He has painted hundreds of
paintings that grace the walls of collectors in Europe
and USA..

My style is influenced by continued to study and to evolve a
vision of impressionism and realism All of them sharing
the attributes of technical mastery, form, and perspective. It is
through a unique arrangement of colors and depiction of the
subject matters that I achieve a distinctive style.